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The Celebrating Show for the Decennial Anniversary of Yangjiang Gangrong Hardware & Plastic Co., Ltd
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The decennial anniversary of Yangjiang Gangrong Hardware & Plastic Co., Ltd and happy for New Year’s Day!

How time flies! It has been 10 years since our company was founded. The New Year’s Day is coming. The management express their festive greetings to all the hardworking staff.
The New Year's bell will ring soon. The wheel of time has left a deep imprint. With the warm sunshine in winter, we are full of joy and gather together to celebrate this joyful New Year’s Holiday.

Flowers are similar year after year, but human being will change year after year. Reviewing the year of 2010, we are proud. Reviewing the past, we overflowed with enthusiasm. Looking forward, we have high morale. Let’s open the soaraway wings in the new year and fly toward a higher goal!

Site of the show: the playground of Yangjiang Gangrong Hardware & Plastic Co., Ltd

Time of the show: at 19:30~10:00 of Dec. 31st, 2010

Program list: each department needs to perform a program; guests play a part in the show; lottery draw

On the night of the anniversary show, the lively atmosphere affects the masses in the Jinjiao industrial area. The staff and the masses come to have a seat after their dinner, waiting for the show begins.

sidelights of the party:


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