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Summer Beach Volleyball Activity in Zhapo
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On July 9th, the company organized the staff of sales department to the beach of Zhapo to play volleyball. Because it was very hot in the afternoon and it would get burned easily under the hot sun, they decided to start off to Zhapo at 4 p.m. Zhapo is a beach town of Yangjiang city. It is famous for its tourism and beautiful beach. It is called eastern Hawaii.

It is very comfortable when blowing sea breeze and listening to the sound of the sea wave. It makes people feel like going into the embrace of the sea. The staff were divided into two teams to play volleyball match. Both teams have male and female member. The match was tense and exciting. All the staff played very well and happy, even though they are not the professional volleyballers. After the match, they went into the sea to swim for a while and then went to have dinner. Through this volleyball match, the staff strengthen their physical agility. They hope the company can organize more such kinds of outdoor activities.

Below are the pictures of the beach volleyball match:

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